Data Privacy

lexiQA is committed to the security and confidentiality of your data


Account access

Access to your translation data is private and exclusive to your account. You are solely responsible for the visibility of your data. It is your choice whether you want to grant data access to other users.


The identity of lexiQA servers is protected by valid SSL certificates. All data is transmitted to, from and between lexiQA servers via SSL, thus securing data confidentiality and integrity.


Data usage

lexiQA utilises data anonymously for algorithm improvement and machine learning purposes. Your data is never shared or used in any other fashion without your consent.


lexiQA servers are hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform. We use Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, concurrent with all security updates. All traffic to/from our servers is via HTTPS; all HTTP traffic is rejected.


Users sign in for lexiQA services using username/password authentication over HTTPS.
No clear text passwords of either lexiQA or other linked services are stored in lexiQA’s databases.