The conceptual seeds of lexiQA were sown back in 2013 when Yannis realised that there is a gap in the localization industry. After various iterations together with the other two co-founders, the idea started taking solid form in 2015. Eventually lexiQA was incorporated as a company in the UK in January 2016, having secured an initial round of direct investment from Pi Campus and LVenture Group in Rome, Italy. Since then it has been steadily growing and developing its innovative solution for the global market.

Yannis Evangelou


Having worked for a number of years as a lead linguist for large players in the localization industry did not deter Yannis from trying to address one of the biggest automation challenges in the industry head on. Product design, front-end development and business development are his main focus.

Vassilis Korkas


Following a successful academic career in the UK for 15 years, in 2015 Vassilis decided to channel his expertise in translation technologies and reviewing into a new tech company. In lexiQA he is now involved with content development, product management and business operations.

Dimitris Foteinakis


Always looking for a challenge, Dimitris was sold on the idea of building this new technology from the ground up. He is responsible for the implementation of the QA algorithms, back end servers, DBs and cloud architecture.

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